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Real Estate Transactions

Seller financed real estate transactions are more complicated than most people realize. I can assist you with selling property and being protected in the transaction with the same foreclosure rights as any big bank.

I can also assist with residential and commercial leases, from either the landlord or tenant side of the transaction.

Wills and Estate Planning

Life, and death, happens. Even the simplest estate can benefit from a minimum of planning. I can make the process easier on the loved ones left behind by creating a will or trust which will provide for the disposition of your property in a painless manner.

Contract Drafting and Review

Mechanics and material liens in Texas are complex and full of traps for the unwary. I can counsel the independent contractor on what steps must be taken to preserve your rights and ensure you are timely paid for your work.

Power of Attorney

A well drafted power of attorney or advanced medical directive can ensure that you are protected in the event you cannot make decisions for yourself, or if you're merely unavailable and need a trusted agent to handle important business.

Business Formation

Going into business for yourself? That's great! Let me show you the options to ensure you are protected from personal liability in case the worst happens.

Individual Consultation

There are far too many areas of law to add each one to a website. Simply let me know what topic you need advice about and I'll let you know if I'm the right guy to answer your questions.

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